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What is a Classic Baseball Field?

Some baseball fields are instant classics. From the first game, they have that feeling that says "baseball lives here". Camden Yard in Baltimore is a great example of an instant classic. Others become classic as they become historic, as the legend of baseball grows within the field. Dodger Stadium is a historical classic, still beautiful, one of the best places to watch a game of baseball. Other classic ball fields are somewhat less famous, but nonetheless classic to those who love them, like your high school home field where you once went 4 for 4 with 6 RBI's or the college baseball field where you watched alongside the rest of the alumni as your team battled against it's conference opponents.

We Love Baseball

We grew up loving and playing the game of baseball. From our youth to well past our prime. We love the game for the pure enjoyment of the sport and also for the poetic justice from the gods of Baseball. Have you ever won a baseball game on a bad hop single, a game that you "deserved" to win anyway? Thanks the gods of Baseball. Have you ever lost a game on a "lucky play" by the opponents fielders? Blame the gods of baseball.

Baseball Fields are Beautifull

Where else are diamonds made of grass? The white uniforms of the home team standout and match perfectly with the chalk lines. The green of the outfield wall helps you feel enclosed and makes you feel like you are "in" the park as you rest in the sun of your bleacher seat, hopefully with a beer in one hand and a ballpark hotdog in the other.

A Baseball Field is our Summer Home

Others have their cabin or cottage, we have a playground that plays out a real life drama before our eyes. We are free to yell at the ump, the opposing team, even that bum in right field who hasn't had a hit in 3 games. It's an escape, but it's real and it matters to us because baseball is the greatest game on dirt..

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